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Harry Potter was born on the 31st of July in 1980 to parents Lily & James Potter. He was born a wizard and into a magical family. He has black hair, blue eyes and impaired vision, requiring glasses. His fathers best friend, Sirius Black, was made Harry's godfather when he was a baby.During the First Wizarding War, when he was only one year... Show more »
Harry Potter was born on the 31st of July in 1980 to parents Lily & James Potter. He was born a wizard and into a magical family. He has black hair, blue eyes and impaired vision, requiring glasses. His fathers best friend, Sirius Black, was made Harry's godfather when he was a baby.During the First Wizarding War, when he was only one year old, Voldemort attempted to kill Harry but failed. First James tried to block his path and was murdered, then Lily shielded Harry giving him the ultimate protection; love. The curse rebounded and Voldemort ceased to exist in physical form, while Lily was killed in the process and Harry was left completely unharmed with the exception of a lightening shaped scar on his forehead, making him 'The Boy Who Lived'. Harry was then collected by Rubeus Hagrid and they traveled to Surrey, where they met Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall. They left Harry on the doorstep of Lily's muggle sister (Petunia)'s house with a letter explaining what had happened. Reluctantly taking him in, Petunia and her husband Vernon raised Harry along side their son Dudley. Harry grew up being borderline abused and forced to sleep in the cupboard under the stairs. He was told at an early age that his parents were killed in a car accident, he also knew nothing of being a wizard or the magical world.While on a trip to the zoo for Dudley's 11th birthday, he discovered he could talk to a snake. He accidentally made the glass for the snake's enclosure disappear, setting the snake free. Harry tried to assure his uncle he didn't do anything, but Vernon knowing the truth of his powers locked him in the cupboard when they arrived home. The next day Harry received a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that he started to open but was interrupted when Dudley snatched it from him, then Vernon destroyed it. He was sent numerous letters, never getting to read them, then one Sunday, their house magically started to fill with letters. Vernon ordered all four of them to move to an island to escape until the morning of Harry's 11th birthday, where Hagrid arrived and gave Harry a copy of the letter. He read the letter learning he had been accepted to Hogwarts as a student, and learnt the truth of his parents death and his magical powers. He left with Hagrid to go to Diagon Alley, where he collected school supplies, including an owl he named Hedwig. In the alley, Harry met Olivander, a wand expert, shop owner and salesman, whom sold him his first wand. Hagrid then walked Harry halfway to Platform 9 3/4 leaving him to find his own way. Confused, he asked for help from then stranger Molly Weasley, whom helped him onto the platform by instructing him to run into a wall. To his surprise he appeared on the platform and boarded the Hogwarts Express.On the train he met Molly's son Ronald, and the two quickly became friends sharing sweets and jokes. Ron introduced Scabbers, his pet rat. They were interrupted by Hermione Granger, whom introduced herself and then showed off her skills in spells by fixing Harry's gasses. After reaching Hogwarts, Harry is confronted by Draco Malfoy who tried to befriend him but insults Ron, leading Harry to decline. He is then sorted into Gryffindor House along with Ron and Hermione. Harry quickly learns of his fame and the truth of his past. After Ron upsets Hermione, a troll is loose in the castle, leaving the boys to find and save her, to which they are almost punished for by Professor McGonagall, before Hermione steps in, leaving the three children best friends. In his first flying lesson, Harry retrieves classmate Neville Longbottom's remembrall from bully Draco, and is recognised as a talented flyer, leading him to become the seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. McGonagall gives Harry a Nimbus 2000, the at the time, fastest broom in the world. He then discovers his father was the Gryffindor seeker when he was a Hogwarts. Harry wins his first game, despite almost falling from his broom due to someone, believed to be Professor Snape, tempering with his broom. Upon exploring the castle, the trio find a giant three-headed dog standing on a trap door to which they find curious, and confide in friend Hagrid whom assures the children that the dog is his and accidentally slips the name Nicholas Flamel. Draco catches the trio out after curfew and tells McGonagall, to which all four receive detention in the Dark Forest. Here Harry is confronted with Voldemort and almost murdered, until he is saved by a centaur named Ferenz. After trying to research Flamel, Harry finds the Mirror Of Erised, in which he sees his parents standing by his side, Dumbledore finds him and explains that the mirror shows you your hearts deepest desires. During the Christmas period, Harry receives his first ever present - an invisibility cloak with a note saying it was his fathers - by an at the time unknown person. After Hermione researches Flamel and finds information on the Philosophers Stone, the children manage to slip past the dog and find themselves in a room with a plant that tries to kill them, until Hermione casts a spell to avoid it. They pass through a potion room and then a chess room where they are forced to play wizard chess if they want to continue. Ron is knocked unconscious here so Hermione takes him to the hospital wing leaving Harry to continue. He reaches a room to find the Mirror Of Erised and Professor Quirrell who Voldemort had been using as a physical host all year. Quirrell admits to being the one to temper with his broom and the one to almost murder him in the forest. Quirrell uses the mirror to see the stone but he cannot find it, upon realising Harry has acquired the stone, Harry experiences his mothers protective charm again as he defeats Quirrell by touching his face, causing it to blister and his whole body finally disintegrates. Harry passes out due to his injuries and exhaustion and taken to the hospital wing by Dumbledore. When he awakens he is told the stone has been destroyed and he's reunited with his two best friends. Harry receives 60 house points for bravery leading Gryffindor to win the house cup. Harry is given a photo album of his parents by Hagrid before he returns to his aunts for the summer.All summer Harry sends numerous letters to his friends but receives none back. A few days before the beginning of his second year, Harry finds a house elf named Dobby in his bedroom, whom pleads him not to return to Hogwarts in fear of his safety, and admitting being the one to steal his letters. Refusing, Dobby uses magic to drop a cake on Vernon's guests, leading Harry to be blamed and locked in his new bedroom. During the night, Ron and his twin brothers Fred & George drove their fathers flying car to rescue Harry and Hedwig from the Dursleys, and bring him back to their house known as the 'Burrows'. After scolding her sons for stealing their fathers car, Molly makes Harry and the Weasleys breakfast and from here on out, treats Harry as if he were her son. This is where Harry first meets Ron's father Arthur whom works at The Ministry Of Magic studying Muggles. Everyone goes to Diagon Alley to meet with Hermione and her family to shop for school supplies, where they come across Gilderoy Lockhart, their new defense against the dark arts teacher, doing a book signing whom insists a photo with Harry. Draco and his father Lucius (a known Death Eater) appear, who comment on Harry's fame restricting him on visiting a shop without someone asking for a picture. Lucius taunts the Weasleys and sneakily places a book in Ginny's cauldron. Everyone then heads to Platform 9 3/4 with Harry and Ron last in line. Attempting to get on the platform, the wall was sealed and they were unable to go through. They then stole the flying car again and drove to Hogwarts instead, flying straight into the whomping willow where Ron broke his wand. After almost being expelled by Snape, the boys were allowed to stay. During a duel, Harry spoke to a snake that Draco set on him, revealing to the school he's a parcel-tongue. Everyone turned against him with the exception of Ron and Hermione. A message is written in blood by the heir of Slytherin stating that The Chamber Of Secrets had been opened, someone everyone believes to be Harry. In a Quidditch match, Harry is attacked by a rogue bludger and has his arm broken and sent to the hospital wing. Here he meets again with Dobby, warning him that history is about to repeat itself, but also admitting to sealing off Platform 9 3/4 and tempering with the bludger.In the following years, Harry marries Ginny and has three children. The oldest; son James Potter, their second son; Albus Severus Potter and lastly a daughter named Lily Luna Potter. Harry becomes the head of Aurors at The Ministry Of Magic, where he works with Ron and Hermione. Show less «
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